• Fruits For Every One
    A unique dessert to cool you down with it's fresh and fruity taste of whole frozen fruits.
  • Even after melting it tastes great!
    Cold or frozen desserts melt after some time, so desserts like shaved ice eventually become watery.. but the fruits ice uses whole fruits. That way, even after melting, it still tastes delicious.
  • Wasting less food
    Especially with raw fruits not only the freshness in taste is important, but people also tend to choose by the appearance.Unfortunatly because of this years weather conditions and other influences a lot of fruits couldn't get sold and ended up wasted. I want to prevent such Food Loss and give value to people as well as things. With these thoughts I decided to create Fruits Ice.
  • Collaboration of Illustrators from in and outside the prefecture
    The package design was made by several illustrators from in and outside Okinawa.